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Gua Sha-per Facial Massager

Gua Sha-per Facial Massager

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Gua Sha-per facial massager uses the benefits of traditional Chinese therapy combined with modern technology.

Gua Sha-per sculpting shape is used to massage skin on face and body from various angles to improve circulation and assist in lymphatic drainage.

1. VIBRATION: It has gentle vibrations that stimulate the muscles under the skin to improve facial contouring. This works to reduce puffiness and fine lines at the same time.

2. LIGHT THERAPY: The Gua Sha-per uses red light therapy to which works to repair the skin, boosting new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation. The blue light therapy works to kill acne causing bacteria.

This facial massager work best in day and night skincare routine to help penetrate and improve the absorption of skincare products. 

With every Gua Sha-per facial massager purchased we will sending out a free facial oil. 


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